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How To Make Your E92 BMW Look Awesome For Under $100

I love the shape of the E92 BMW 3 series. It is smooth, understated, and sexy. The car looks like a shark. Especially when you have the space grey color that my car came from the factory with. It is… Continue Reading →

3 Things I Dislike About My E92 335i

This is a really hard list to make. I love my car. I think BMW did a great job with it. I even have a post discussing 5 things I love about it, and trust me, there are many more… Continue Reading →

5 Things I Love About My BMW E92 335i

The E92 is a beautiful chassis. BMW really hit a home run in my opinion when it came to this generation 3-series. After having owned a couple E46’s and an E39, I can definitively say that the E9X generation cars… Continue Reading →

How Much Does It Cost to Change the Oil in your BMW 335i? (E90/E92/E93)

Being able to maintain your own BMW is paramount in running your car for reasonable costs. People in the U.S. think that BMW’s are made of unobtainium, and because of this, they believe that maintenance should be expensive because you… Continue Reading →

I Traded my E46 M3 for an E92 335i and I am Way Happier

Saying this might cause E46 lovers and BMW fans alike to hate me. They might think I’m crazy and that I have no credibility; but for my purposes, I mean exactly what I just said. I am way happier driving… Continue Reading →

How much does a BMW E46 M3 oil change cost?

Hey guys, Ridge here again. One common misconception about BMW’s is that they cost a lot to maintain. While this may be true in some instances, and if you pay a mechanic to do the work for you, then yes,… Continue Reading →

The BMW 330i ZHP Is One of the Best Used Car Values

Hello all. This is my second blog and I am coming to you today to convince you that a ZHP should be your next BMW. Not so long ago, I sold my E39 530i and purchased a 330i ZHP. It… Continue Reading →

Why I love BMW’s

Hey everybody, this is my first post on this blog-site, and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Ridge and I live in Seattle, Washington. I have lived here my entire life and am currently 26 years old. Cars… Continue Reading →

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