The E92 is a beautiful chassis. BMW really hit a home run in my opinion when it came to this generation 3-series. After having owned a couple E46’s and an E39, I can definitively say that the E9X generation cars are my favorite to date (considering my mom’s E91 touring in this statement as well). The time I have spent with my E92 has been wonderful and here are 5 things I really love about it.

1. The Power

The 335i in the E9X generation is a fast car. You know it, I know, everybody knows it. It came from the factory with 300 hp and 300 pound feet of torque. Considering that these numbers are stock numbers, and that the N54B30 power-plant can hold way more power on factory components, it is really quite amazing how well BMW did on developing this powertrain.
Because I have only had my car for a little amount of time, and I wanted a stock example as a base, my car is in fact, bone stock. It has the same tune it came with from the factory, the suspension is stock, and everything else is too! Even knowing this, my car is fast! It is way too fast for public roads realistically, and when you get on the freeway it is like a spaceship; quiet, comfortable, and the turbos make a beautiful noise as they spool up (even if it is hard to hear sometimes).
I can overtake easily, and I love when people tailgate me so I can blow them away. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that I have enough power to dart around easily.
For example, the other day I was driving on the freeway, and I was in the fast lane. A semi-truck, cruising along in the middle lane, started to merge over as he had not seen me. I had very little time to react and a car very close to me in the carpool lane next door, but I had to make a quick decision. I gunned it. I got out of the way of the semi and avoided the Prius sitting in the carpool lane barely. If I had been in my girlfriends Corolla or something slower, I do not know if I would have made it.
The 335i has wonderful power delivery and it seriously saved my bacon. Now, should I throw a tune on it in the future? I have some thinking to do…..

2. The Suspension
My car came from the factory with the sport suspension. Sport suspensions on BMW’s may be the best thing ever invented. It is not harsh, or unforgiving in any sense of the word, and riding around town is a comfortable endeavor. However, when it’s time to rip up some backroads, the suspension performs beautifully as well. Body roll is very minimal, and the grip you get from this chassis is amazing. It feels so rigid and planted all of the time.
Considering that the car comes with 18 inch wheels, it is even more amazing. Other cars I have driven in with 18 inch wheels like my 330i ZHP and my E46 M3 were just way harsher on a daily basis, and I didn’t notice them handling any better than my 335i day in and day out. BMW engineers should all have Nobel prizes for their ability to create such a beautifully handling vehicle.
Commuting to work and doing errands is a joy now thanks to my 335i. I love a nice comfortable ride when I want it, and a fun sports coupe when I need it; the 335i has both in spades.


3. The Sound System

The original owner of my E92 was a smart person. They chose numerous options on the vehicle like the sport package, premium package, comfort package, as well as an interior lighting package. But, above all, one of the best options fitted is the Logic 7 sound system.
I am somewhat of an audiophile and am constantly listening to music as I drive. I love drowning the outside world out and just focusing on my business as I drive along. The Logic 7 is an awesome, awesome thing. Even after 10 years and 100,000 miles, it doesn’t rattle, or make any weird noises. It just works.
For those who don’t know, the Logic 7 is a 13-speaker sound system that is an upgrade over the stock system, as well as the in between sound system as well. The sound is crisp, clean, and LOUD. You can crank this system up to its highest levels and notice no discernible distortion, or oddities in the sound coming through. Add in the fact that the car came with an aux cord stock and I am in heaven. I usually just plug my iPhone in and listen to my favorite music, but I have never appreciated it like I do in this car. Compared to my E46 M3, it is night and day, and the E46 had the Harmon/Kardon as well. The Logic 7 just blows it out of the water.

4. The Brakes

I always knew that BMW brakes were good. They have always been good on my cars in the past; but the E92 probably has the best brakes I’ve used on any of my cars. They are responsive, easy to modulate, make no noise, and they stop you insanely quickly.
The calipers themselves are monstrous and look great behind my style 189’s.
The other day, I was driving on a 5-lane road; 2 on each side, and a turn lane in the middle. I was driving 45-50 mph on this road as is normal. As I was driving, I noticed a crossover in the distance. I thought that there was no way they were going to try and cross my lanes of traffic to reach the middle lane, but as it is with most drivers, I wasn’t shocked when they did attempt an utterly stupid and life-threatening maneuver. They slowly pulled across my lane of travel, and were taking their sweet ass time. By the time they did this, I was right on them. I had no other option than to hit the brakes. Thank god I was driving my 335i and not my 1999 Silverado pickup. I stopped so quickly that my backpack in the passenger seat, and all the other loose crap in my car just flew around. I came within inches of the crossover, and almost had a code brown moment.
The 335i makes my daily commute safer with it’s ability to avoid obstacles and stop right when I need it to. I love this car.

5. The Seats

A fifth reason I truly love this automobile is my saddle brown sport interior. For whatever reason, when the original owner was ordering it from the factory they made a glorious decision and selected the option for the saddle brown leather.
In my past BMW’s I have only had black interiors. I always figured that they would wear the best, and be the easiest to maintain since they are just black. But I never really loved my all black interiors. Sometimes, with window tint, they just felt like dungeons. Luxurious German dungeons. So, I made a vow to own either a beige interior car, or something along the lines of red or brown in my future car.
My 335i came to me on Craigslist, and the thing that struck me the most was the saddle brown seats. They just added an element of class that was well received. Pairing them with my space grey exterior also just makes my car look like a moving, modern piece of art. I just love it. The seats are comfortable, well bolstered, have lumbar support, and the sport version with the extendable thigh bolsters makes my pants tight. These are the best BMW seats I have sat in to date.
Also, they have worn fantastically well. There are no rips, stains, cuts or tears. They look like seats out of a car with 50,000 less miles and 5 less years on its build sheet. BMW has always been pretty good at this though, mostly on their cars starting with the E46 and E39. The seats and interiors just wear better than other cars. I can’t say enough good things about these seats.